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Calco Service Technician

Calco's Story

In 1969, Calco Ltd. was formed on the Southwest side of Chicago, IL.

Calco Ltd
Calco Ltd.

Calco was able to quickly become a leader in technology like filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, microfiltration, to provide high purity water management for commercial needs.

Calco later moved to Hanover Park, IL where it operates today.


A family business, into it's third generation, shipping DI tanks nationwide, and providing Chicago businesses with high purity water.

Calco Ltd.
5 Gallon Water
Water One Logo

Calco's Sister Company

With Calco's water industry expertise, Water One was founded shortly after Calco. Water One purifies drinking water through reverse osmosis and delivers to both Southwest Florida and the Chicago Suburbs.

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