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  • Brandon Barlow

Delnor-Wiggins Pass Beach Cleanup

At Water One Inc., our staff knows the importance of keeping the environment clean for generations to come. We understand how our footprint might negatively affect the environment. First, not everyone who drinks bottled water uses the recycling bin to throw the bottle away. Second, we need the technology surrounding the plastics industry to catch up so we can start to use better sourced, and bio-degradable plastics.

We like to participate in coastal cleanups around Southwest Florida as one way of giving back to the environment. Florida's ecosystem is a delicate one. As we saw last year, South Florida has been facing some water related environmental issues. Lake Okeechobee is said to be polluting the ocean around Florida's coastline. Our local and federal government claim to be working on repairing the dikes. All we know is that protecting Florida's ecosystem requires efforts from everyone including Water One. Below is a quick video of our most recent cleanup which took place at Wiggins Pass in Naples, Florida. Wiggins pass sees heavy boating traffic on a regular basis and was the perfect place to collect some trash.

Thanks to everyone who came out including Alec for the video and editing.

-Brandon Barlow

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